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Let our experts finish or remodel your space

So many homes throughout Niagara Falls are purchased with basements that are left unfinished. An entire floor of your home could be put to good use with a couple of bedrooms, a bathroom, and a second living space. Let the contractors at Extreme Renovations finish your basement and add value to your home in Niagara Falls. Create an office, a new storage area, or a whole separate living space with a basement renovation. Call Extreme Renovations today to schedule a consultation!

Benefits of a Basement Renovation:

  • Increase the property value of your home
  • Create an extra living space
  • Work with expert contractors that will walk you through design options
  • Have HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems updated or installed
  • Get Additional waterproofing to protect your home from damage

Finish or Renovate Your Basement in Niagara

Get the most out of your home’s living space by finishing or renovating your basement with Extreme Renovations in Niagara. Whether you’re creating a den to relax in or a storage area to organize your things in, we’ll put together the perfect basement design, combining our expertise with your unique needs.

Basement Waterproofing

Even with a properly graded and drained property, water can make its way into your basement. In addition to our renovation services, we’ll waterproof your basement, protecting your walls, floors, and belongings from moisture damage. Give us a call today to speak to one of our renovation experts about your basement waterproofing needs.


Basement Renovation Contractors

There are dozens of uses for a finished basement, from additional bedrooms to extra storage and living space — not to mention the extra square footage adds value to your home. But how the basement is finished will determine the overall functionality and aesthetic of the space. At Extreme Renovations, our skilled design team and contractors can create a basement that is everything you’re imagining and more.


Depending on the size of the space, one of the first decisions to make is how you want the space to be laid out. Walls, hallways, and rooms will determine the flow throughout the entire basement, whether the basement will be used as a living space with TV and seating, if it will be primarily bedrooms, a game room, an entertainment space, or a combination of all of them. Deciding how the space will be used is an essential starting point.


Carpet is a popular basement flooring material, but ceramic, wood, and vinyl are all great materials depending on what the basement is being used for. However, regardless of what flooring you choose, it is crucial that the material is protected with a moisture barrier. Wet carpet is the perfect environment for mold and bacteria can grow, so extra precautions need to be taken.

HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical

Some basements are already set up for these systems before being finished, but if you’re adding additional bedrooms, a kitchen, or need extra lighting, these systems may need to be updated as well. When you work with Extreme Renovations, you can be confident that we’ll handle any additional work like upgrading the HVAC or adding extra electrical wiring for lights or a sound system.

Finishing or remodeling a basement is a significant project and requires contractors who know exactly what it entails. Whatever you are envisioning for your finished basement, Extreme Renovations can make it a reality. Located in Niagara, we offer renovations and remodeling services for the whole house.

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